International Legal Studies V

The present volume, being a consequence to the ELPIS network members’ variety, follows the tradition of its predecessors in dealing with various questions of European law (including more specific questions of European legal education) whereby questions of the Union’s Economic Law, more specifically in the context of the topics of insolvency law, autonomous driving, ship dismantling and certain effects of European criminal law are analysed.

It also deals with issues of human rights due to differing views on society, which are in particular characterized by realism; the latter can also be found (and heard) in “legal-istic” works by a contemporary of Stahl, Johann Strauss’ Father (1804-1849) and his descendants.

With contributions by:
Prof. Dr. Caroula Argyriadis-Kervegan, Prof. Dr. Christian Becker, Robert Brockhaus, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.mult Hilmar Fenge, Prof. Dr. Claas Friedrich Germelmann, Ludmilla Graz, Lena Gumnior, Prof. Dr. Bernd Pppermann, Dr. Dimitrios Parashu, Prof. Dr. Vasco Pereira da Silva and Prof. Dr. Armelle Renaut Couteau.

International Legal Studies V
By European Scholars of the ELPIS Network
Edited by Prof. Dr. Claas Friedrich Germelmann, LL.M. and Prof. Dr. Vasco Pereira da Silva