2009 Annual Meeting

2009 Annual Meeting, Hannover

XXXVIII. ELPIS Conference took place in Hannover on 18th – 20th June, 2009, with the presence of 26 participants from member universities.
It was agreed upon to facilitate the process of issuing learning agreements and reduce bureaucracy by cutting the amount of times which learning agreement has to be sent from one part to another, as well as giving 4 weeks after the start of semester for students to make alterations.
The Bologna process was discussed. It was agreed that reforms are still needed today for Europe to match the best performing systems in the worlds. On the other hand, it still appeared to be a big discrepancy between Bologna and German legal education systems.
The advantages and disadvantages of different schemes for Bachelor and Master were debated in scientific and educational aspect.
UCP State University (Lisbon) and University of Bucharest were accepted as new ELPIS members whereas University of Southampton cancelled its ELPIS membership.