2016 Annual Meeting

2016 Annual Meeting, Lisboa

The ELPIS network gathers Law teachers representing Law Schools all over the world and it aims to coordinate the operation of the Erasmus+ program and of other mobility programs of students, teachers and other staff. In 2016, the Lisbon University’s School of Law, as the coordinator of the ELPIS network, hosted the network meeting from the 2nd to the 4th of April 2016, in Lisbon. In this meeting took part 35 teachers from Portugal, Austria, Brazil, Cyprus, Slovakia, França, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Turkey. The participants of the meeting were received by the President of the Portuguese Republic, Dr. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa at the official residence of the President of the Republic. The Lisbon University’s School of Law was represented in the academic activities by Professors Dr. Vasco Pereira da Silva, José Artur Duarte Nogueira, Guilherme W. d’Oliveira Martins, José Ferreira Gomes and Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos. Professor Dr. José Ferreira Gomes did a presentation about the Lisbon University’s School of Law, giving focus to its internationalization, which can be seen here: Presentation on the Lisbon’s University School of Law. Professor Dr. Pedro Barbas Homem did a presentation on “The new challenges of teaching Law and its learning in Europe” and Professors Dr. José Ferreira Gomes, Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos and Guilherme W. d’Oliveira Martins, Secretary of State of Insfrastructures. At the 2016 ELPIS network meeting, took place not only academic activities but also a dinner, a fado evening and a visit to Lisbon’s St. George castle.