2013 Annual Meeting

2013 Annual Meeting, Bucharest

The XLII ELPIS Conference took place in Bucharest, Romania at 21st-22nd of June, 2013, with the presence of 25 participants from member countries.
The following matters were discussed: not full reimbursement of costs for Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility participants, balancing incoming and outgoing students, new facility of distant learning, a question of templates for faculty reports.
Also there was discussed upon to join social networks as Facebook or Universitas 21 to enhance visibility of ELPIS.
The question about the placement of internships within the ELPIS network was raised, because such an institution in not available at every partner university yet.
Upcoming summer academies were presented (Tax Summer School in Lisbon, International Human Rights School in Vilnius, European/US summer school in Lisbon).